Company Profile

Polyron, owned by Kibbutz Zikim was established in 1972

The Company manufactures and sells mattress, double beds, adjustable electric assemblies, youth sofas and orthopedic cushions. Our expertise in the world of sleep is the most progressive in the world. Polyron has never based itself on widespread advertising campaigns but it highlights its quality and services that comply with the most stringent international standards. Polyron combines the most sophisticated sleep technologies and is a certified European

Environmental Standards company; its brand name is highly regarded in the Israeli market

Polyron is recognized as the largest company in Israel for manufacturing and selling orthopedic mattresses without springs

Our Products

The unique youth sofa line is produced from latex and viscose; Polyron endeavors to give youth and children the same quality as adults. It has built up its good name throughout the years and is well known for its unfailing reliability and the quality of its customer service by giving it customers fifteen years warranty or more

Polyron is constantly developing new products with new progressive technologies and materials in order to maintain the quality of this innovative line. We shall be happy to see you as our customers

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